Gold Coast Paintball Offers an Epic Paintballing Experience

Are you looking for a singular and exciting group activity you can enjoy no matter the weather? Do you want to know what it’s like to run around frantically avoiding flying paint while trying to tag your friends all in the name of fun? If yes, then …read more.

Most Exciting Bucks Party Events, Activities, and Ideas for Gold Coast

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For Gold Coast Bucks Party Events Ideas, Choose Paintballing Activities

If you are looking for Gold Coast buck’s party ideas, one option stands out. Sure, you can pick a typical option such as a dinner or a show where everyone is a passive observer, or you can all go on an epic adrenaline-filled adventure where everyone …read more.

Looking for Perfect Gold Coast Corporate Activities? Try Paintballing for Groups

Gold Coast corporate activities are a great way to bring your company’s employees closer together, building teamwork and improving communication and relationships among the employees. These activities make a positive impact on your company environment …read more.

Group Paintballing near Brisbane is a Paintball Experience like None Other

If you’re looking for an adrenaline filled adventure near Brisbane, then paintballing is for you! Paintballing is a quickly growing activity near Brisbane, and everyone can see why. Paintball allows you and a group of your mates to test your …read more.

Why we love skirmish paintball on the Gold Coast (and you will too!)

Far too often we get caught up in becoming limited with our idea of having a good time. We get so used to doing the same things that we may go without noticing that our family fun nights are becoming routine and dry. It may be time for a change just to …read more.

Why an Indoor Paintball Skirmish is the answer for your Event near Brisbane

One of the most exhilarating and daring activities to enjoy near Brisbane is the excitement of being on the paintball field. There is nothing that compares to the sounds and sights that you will experience when you step into the Paintball skirmish …read more.

Unique and Exciting Buck Party Events near Brisbane

When planning a Buck Party for your best mate, it’s always easy to go with something standard like pub hopping that includes lots of alcohol, rowdy behaviour, and girls, but why settle for ordinary? There’s a much more thrilling, adrenaline …read more.

Rain, Hail, Cold Weather? Who Cares with Gold Coast Indoor Sports

Have you ever planned an outdoor event and had it shut down by inclement weather? Do you find yourself driven crazy by being cooped up inside day after day as the rain pours down? Maybe you don’t realise there are Gold Coast indoor sports at your …read more.

Fire Up Your Team’s Competitive Side with Gold Coast Paintball Hire

Are you a coach trying to get your rugby team fired up for the upcoming season? What about a football coach who needs to create unity within the team? Are you the captain of a competitive paintball team struggling to find their edge? It could be any …read more.

Experience Best Rated Gaming and Paintball Hire on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Indoor Paintball is a top-rated facility with an all indoor arena operating in any weather. We opened our doors in August of 2016 and since then have consistently achieved and maintained a five-star rating on both Google and Facebook …read more.

Experience Unique Team Building with Group Paintballing on the Gold Coast

We’ve all heard about the regular team building exercises utilised at corporate events and designed to teach a group of co-workers to work together. Perhaps you’ve even been part of the group sitting through ice breaker games, long workshops or trust …read more.

Gold Coast Group Paintball is Perfect for Your Next Ladies’ Night Out

Why should guys have all the fun? Ladies, you can spend your next night out sipping wine, making small talk, and showing each other how sophisticated you are, or you can amp it up far above the next level by engaging in the exhilarating sport offered at …read more.

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