1. Masks MUST be worn at all times whilst on the field
  2. Do NOT pick up paintballs from the ground
  3. Barrel socks MUST be placed on marker before putting down
  4. Do NOT deliberately shoot the roof, ground or bunkers
  5. Only paint purchased from GCIP to be used
  6. Always follow direction from GCIP staff
  7. Do NOT tamper with rental equipment/markers
  8. Rental markers must remain on the field
  9. No aggression will be tolerated
  10. Players must be conscious to keep well hydrated
  11. For patrons that own their own marker
  12. Maximum Speed – 300 FPS
  13. Barrel socks must remain on whilst off field
  14. All air bottles must be presented to staff to check test date
  15. Resting Area
  16. Please keep your area neat and tidy
  17. Ensure all barrel socks are on
  18. Ensure all Hire equipment is returned before you leave
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